Horizons 101 - AMENITIES


  • Telephony
  • Provision for CATV, telephone and internet lines
  • Mechanical Elevator : 4 units
  • Load Capacity : 1,000 kgs / 13 persons per unit Speed : 4 meters per second
  • Sanitary/ Plumbing
  • Kitchen grease trap
  • Centralized sewage treatment plant
  • Fire Protection and Alarm System
  • Sprinkler system and smoke detector per unit
  • Fire hose cabinet
  • Emergency Power Supply
  • 100% standby generator backup for the entire building (residential units and common areas)

This aspect of the article showcasing Cebu City’s Horizon 101 is as fascinating as they come. Over and above what has already been said throughout this article, some surprising and pleasant features should be more than enough motivation to make haste towards a unit investment.


Here is a little bit of trivia for readers. Let’s just say that it highlights some records being broken in the city of Cebu.

  • What’s in a number – Some readers may have been quite curious about this towering development’s unusual name. It sounds a bit like an online guide, doesn’t it? In actual fact, Horizon 101’s name is based on the combined record of floors from the two towers in existence. The question is; is a name change imminent to account for tower number three.
  • The towering heights – Nothing more, nothing less, Horizon 101 towers exactly one hundred and seventy three meters above sea level.
  • More numbers and phenomenal speeds for those who are in a hurry – This bullet is already a mouthful. Like a bullet train, high speed lifts (or elevators) take residents right up to the fifty fifth floor in exactly fifty five seconds flat.


Because of the excitement of moving in and the speed at which residents wish to settle down for the evening after a long day at work, rushing to and fro to get things done, little things that make positive contributions towards making their lives convenient often go unnoticed. This section focuses on such intricacies.

  • Cabinets that close by themselves – If you have had old cupboards in the past, you might have been quite irritated. But these new cabinets close all by themselves and they don’t make a sound. This is because they have been equipped with so-called soft close hinges.
  • Easy to handle doors – And what about those difficult to lock doors? Horizon’s apartment doors are lever operations. This allows you to open and close your doors, and lock them, without any fuss.
  • Eco-friendly materials – Just by owning your own apartment, you make a worthy contribution towards saving your environment. Doors have been built with fiber boards. The materials utilized allow for more durability as well.

No dripping, no messing in the kitchen – Some things just never seem to get done in the kitchen. Edges on kitchen sinks have been raised to prevent the spillage of water onto the brand new pristine floor.


Focus at Horizon 101 has also been placed on recreation. Not just that but those who wish to remain healthy and always physically active no longer need to skirt their busy city to seek out those outlets that help them in their activities. There is a fully equipped gym installed to go along with a twenty five meter swimming pool. Children also have a pool to frolic in. And their playroom is air conditioned to keep them cool and away from typically humid conditions.

The less physically inclined can turn to a quiet Zen garden for contemplation. Movie buffs have an in house movie theater to enjoy. Filipinos in general are sociable folks. There is a function hall on the Horizons premises available for socially active residents to utilize. Socially interactive folks have ready to use Wi-Fi as well. The premises are safe as houses, as they say. Fire protection and security systems have been installed.

Now, if all of the above was not enough to convince some readers to make a life defining investment decision, let the article’s closing lines focus on the brass tacks. In other words, let’s talk about the money. What with Cebu City likely to undergo continuous development in the next few years, property values are likely to, let’s say, rise sky high.

Just think how much your condo investment will be worth ten years from now. Finally, all of the above, from your brief introduction to the developer to on tap recreational amenities, has done its justice in broadcasting the fact that living in a high rise Horizons apartment is also part and parcel of a sound investment for the long term.

  • Lobby Entrance
  • Guest reception area
  • Centralized mailroom
  • Open Amenity Area
  • 150 meter jogging path
  • 25 meter lap pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Children’s pool
  • Wet and dry children’s play area
  • Gazebo
  • Landscaped garden
  • Covered Amenity Area
  • Multipurpose hall
  • Fitness gym
  • Children’s play room
  • Mini-theater / multimedia room
  • Shower room
  • Miscellaneous Services
  • Property Management Office
  • Commercial spaces at the ground flood
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